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Hailing from Abbot. Texas. the home of industry Legend. Willie Nelson. Jerry Audley has created a blend of Classic Country with a tough. Southern Rock feel. From the plethora of secular. Pop Country songs that have saturated secular radio. Jerry has managed to create his signature sound of Rockin'. Honky-Tonk music. As Jerry aspires to be the pioneer artist who resurrects the Classic Country genre. and pushes it back into the mainstream. he is already garnering acclaim for his innovative style. In May of 2008. Jerry was privileged to have one of his favorite. radio airplay tracks. Lucky Me Lonely You. receive recognition on The Texas Music Chart. His single not only garnered the top spot on the Texas Music Chart. but it also remained in the number one position for four. straight weeks.

"It's as if Don Henley. Elvis Presley and the Everly Brothers met late one night at a Texas Roadhouse parking lot and beat the crap out of each other and what came out was Jon Christopher Davis. He's brains. hips and harmonies." - Stan Lynch of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers / Producer for Don Henley "Jon Christopher Davis is a triple threat. He plays guitar great. sings like a bird and writes from the heart." - Radney Foster "If you crave a singer who can play. a player who can write and a writer who can sing. Jon Christopher Davis is your man." - Rodney Crowell

A mere 57 seconds into the opening track of the Josh Abbott Band's She's Like Texas. you're likely to be hooked. One intro. one verse and one chorus are pretty much all that's required to recognize something special in the Texas-based act. The winding riffs that open "Road Trippin" have a weighty Southern-rock air about them. though the actual instrumentation-fiddler Preston Wait and guitarist Gabe Hanson breeze through the lines in unison-hints faintly at the western-swing heritage deep in their Texas roots. Bass player Daniel Almodova and drummer Edward Villanueva set a powerful. chugging rhythmic foundation that walks the line between commercial country and raw honky tonks. And Josh Abbott-the founder. lead singer and chief songwriter for the ensemble-evinces a slight Steve Earle character: breathy. fiery. intense.

The smooth sound of Josh Grider's deep voice is rhythmic and soothing. His rich robust soul filled song writing has a new twist to the traditional story telling. Coming from humble beginnings at Baylor University in Waco. Texas and graduating with a Bachelor's of Arts in Music. music has always been a passion that has driven him to play night in and night out. With the love and support of his amazing and loving wife Kristi. Josh has been playing on the road for about 5 years now and has enjoyed great success and hard times as well. It is ever present in the songs that he writes.

James has accomplished many wonderful things in his career. He has released 3 successful albums and hit the charts with his songs. Six of his compositions managed to hit Billboard Texas Regional Charts at number one! Lann has completed a transformation from young new artist to esteemed songwriter and performer. a transformation that has been a long hard road. "This year we are full blast with our new booking agency and management. I will be able to concentrate on our live shows. We just look forward to getting out there and performing. and that's the fun part. Playing music is something that I love with a passion and I'm not gonna give it up for anything else." says Lann.

Since 2008 Jason Helms Band has been ripping up stages all across the United States, with a unique blend of Texas Country & Rock-N-Roll a blend that landed then squarely in the label of Red Dirt. But make no mistake, these guys aren't some band being Red Dirt because they like Red Dirt bands this music is a blend that is as real and honest as you'll find anywhere.

Jake Ward is an up and coming Texas Country artist out of Corpus Christi. With his blend of classic country and modern rock, his music is taking the Texas Country music scene by storm.

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James Robert Webb is a genuine country boy from Kellyville, Oklahoma who found a love of music before he learned to walk. You never know what instrument James may play live, but you can be sure that his voice will captivate you with a voice that is powerful, tender and uniquely country. Influenced by the great Oklahoma vocalists Garth Brooks, Ronnie Dunn and Vince Gill, Webb has a flair for traditional country with a modern bent.

The Judson Cole Band formed in 2012 in San Angelo, TX. The band quickly became a staple at the historic Blaine's Pub, host to many Texas music legends through the years.

"It's easier to get lost on a dead end road." Kat Moore wails on "Country Through And Through." the ear-pleasing. Hair-raising first single from her new album Miss Understood. The Dallas native's third album serves notice - Moore and her band mates might be country through and through. But they've developed an edgy rock 'n' roll swagger to accompany their down-home sensibilities. Few country songs begin with distorted banjo notes dancing lazily around a wall of guitar feedback while mumbled conversations ala Pink Floyd brew just beneath the surface.

Reflection is the catalyst to coming full circle. Texas country singer-songwriter Kevin Fowler took a couple of years to take stock of his artistic career, launch his own record label, then write and record How Country Are Ya? the old-fashioned way. How Country Are Ya? Fowler's seventh studio album and his first for Kevin Fowler Records in a joint venture with Nashville's Thirty Tigers - is the good-timing, tradition-steeped and honky-tonk-stomping Amarillo native's return to basics effort. A year in the making, the album features 15 fresh tunes (he wrote all of them except for the raucous instrumental "Mousturdonus") and was produced by Ken Tondre, Fowler's drummer, at Tondre's The Compound Recording Studio in Austin.

Jeremy Phifer At 6'3" with long brown hair and piercing blue eyes, Jeremy Phifer is a commanding presence, even off-stage. But when he stands in the spotlight, Phifer becomes even more compelling. A monster guitar player with massive vocal chops, this high-energy entertainer is not just another tall Texan with a duffel bag full of dreams. This is talent on fire.

People believe in Kristen Kelly. Candid and down to earth, with a room-filling smile and a voice that echoes the heart of what she sings, Kristen laughs as she describes her music as "a little more grease than polish." And that grease is an exciting mix, distilled from her country, blues, and classic rock influences into a passionate, playful, often sexy, and always heartfelt reflection of real life as she knows it. Be on the lookout for her new single "Kiss By Kiss" available May 2014.

He sings. He writes songs. He plays guitar. And his new recording - an April 2010 EP of cool. crisp country tunes. just like him - as well as forecast releases of four songs or more at a time during the coming 12 months are the foundation of a full-length album he wants his fans to help him choose the tracks on. The Austin-born Texas artist has been writing since the release of his last album. his second. the irreverent and powerful ANYWHERE IN TEXAS. which featured a dozen songs written and co-written by Park. including "Cold in Colorado." with its killer chorus hook; "Don't Look." which climbed The Texas Music Chart; a co-write with Wade Bowen. "A Woman Like You"; the hard-driving "First Day of Summer"; and the sentimental final cut. "These Days."

The last thing Kylie wanted to see dragging up to the curb every afternoon after school was her parent's old Chevy Suburban. The thing was an eyesore and an embarrassment. What teenager wouldn't be mortified? She hated it; and she'll never forget it. But she'll also never forget the road trips in that Suburban from her family's home in Wylie, Texas, northeast of Dallas, to the rolling hills hidden beneath East Texas forests. She loved those.

From the beginning, Lost Immigrants has always been about the journey. What has mattered most has been the music and the connection the group makes with its fans. It has been about individual musicians pushing themselves collectively to create music that satisfies and inspires at the same time. The brainchild of college friends James Dunning and Craig Hinkle, Lost Immigrants formed in early 2005, winning the Shiner Rising Star contest later that year. The victory thrust the band and its music into the spotlight and within a year the band's debut album, "Waiting on Judgment Day," was an indie favorite with music lovers and radio DJs alike across the U.S. and Europe.

Sometimes, going against the grain and charting your own course can be the most difficult path, but it can also set you apart from the pack. This is the career path that LiveWire has chosen, and it is proving to be a winning formula. Arguably one of the most successful up-and-coming independent bands in America, they have built their brand through relentless touring, writing most of their own songs, playing on their own records, and releasing their music via every available outlet, oblivious to trends or gatekeepers.

The Matt Kimbrow Band is now one of the Texas Country Bands people are talking highly about in the Texas Music Scene! Touring from town to town and making fans at every venue played, Matt and his band have officially made a statement to Texas Country Music noticeably by his genuine songs and their high energy shows. The Matt Kimbrow Band has a high electrifying energy show that captures the attention of fans by the first song played. Not only is the MKB entertaining, but true artist that believes in what they are doing on stage. From the music writing to stage performance, MKB is for sure a rapid growing package in the Country Music Scene. This band has accomplished so much in the past 3 years. Such as being nominated twice for

An American singer, songwriter, and producer from Tecumseh, Oklahoma. He is currently the frontman for the Mike McClure Band. McClure is a founding member of The Great Divide, and was a member until he and the band parted ways in 2002. The Mike McClure Band consists of McClure (guitar, vocals), Tom Skinner (bass), and Eric Hansen (drums). McClure got his start in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and would hang out and play music at the notorious "Farm" with other Red Dirt artists such as Bob Childers, Tom Skinner, and Scott Evans. After forming The Great Divide

It has been ten years since the release of the MRB self-titled debut album. Fans still request songs from that first album, and its successors, nightly as the guys zigzag countless and nameless roads burning towns down with their brand of Honky-Tonk music. A true "Live" show is what you get when the MRB sets foot on stage. They always leave crowds wanting more and they have been keeping folks singing loudly and dancing in circles for years. Through the years the MRB has released two more albums ("Even Angels Fall" and "Live at Adair's") both on the Smith label. Both albums went double copper and charted singles which still receive regular airplay throughout the southwest region. They have shared the stage with numerous National and Regional headlining acts averaging over 200 shows annually. From roadside dives to large festivals these guys have played it all. After years on the road the band is most proud that they can change a flat tire on the van or trailer, from point of impact, in twelve minutes or less with a standard issue vehicle manufacturers jack. Jack.

Macy is a singer/songwriter whose soulful voice and online savvy have turned her into an Internet phenomenon. She started by uploading a few videos of herself performing covers and original songs on YouTube, and quickly built a loyal following. Through months of hard work writing songs and nurturing her fan-base, Macy has built her following to tens of thousands of online fans. A college student at the University of North Texas,

Mark McKinney. born and raised in Big Spring. TX. distinguishes himself from the typical "rockin' country" artist by drawing from a wide range of influences. He credits his father for instilling in him an appreciation for upbeat. energetic songs. He blends his musical tastes as easily as drinking beer and eating barbecue. and he admits to a diverse musical background. "Although I grew up listening to country legends like Willie Nelson and Charlie Daniels. I was also heavily influenced by rock and pop." This blend of influences has helped secure Mark a unique place in the country music/southern rock scene- and helped keep him from getting boxed into one genre.

Thirteen years can put a hell of a lot of wear and tear on even the hardiest of rock 'n' roll bands. But don't be fooled by all those hundreds of thousands of miles on Micky & the Motorcars' odometer: pop the hood of Hearts From Above, the long-running Austin band's seventh album, and you'll find a brand-new engine, fine-tuned and good to run for at least as many more miles still ahead. And behind the wheel? Two brothers Micky and Gary Braun who by their own admission haven't been this fired up about playing together since they first rode south from the Whitecloud Mountains of Idaho to stake their claim to the Texas and wider Americana music scenes.

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