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Erica Perry was born to perform she started singing when she was just 3 years old. Growing up in Leander, Texas in high school she met a very special friend Kyle Park. He was a big inspiration in her life to write and play guitar and to really make sure she wrote from her heart. At 18 she tried out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and became one of Americas Sweethearts and cheered till 2008.

Stronger Proof. Deryl Dodd's fittingly titled new album (Dualtone Records. Oct. 5) is a deeply satisfying collection of stone country and twangy rock. but it represents something more as well. This spirited and dead-earnest record is the triumphant culmination of a long and arduous journey by a writer/artist who refused to give up after his career was derailed and his dreams were dashed just as he was about to realize them. But Dodd has no regrets about the harrowing ordeal he went through. because it has brought him to a better place than he could have imagined before his troubles started.

Eleven Hundred Springs plays real country music. With songwriting hooks Hank Williams himself would be proud of and a band as tight as Buck Owens' Buckaroos to back them up. it's no wonder the dance floors stay packed at their shows. If Hank Thompson blended Western Swing with Honky Tonk. and Waylon Jennings blended country with Rock. Eleven Hundred Springs does all of the above. Without a doubt. live performance is this band's specialty. Since the band's inception. it has maintained a tour schedule of two hundred plus dates a year all over the nation. The band's latest studio album Country Jam. produced by Grammy winner Lloyd Maines. is a fine blend of the many styles of Texas Country music. Country Jam was released in May of 2008 to nationwide radio support and critical acclaim. There is something on this album for everyone who calls themselves a fan of good country music.

The Eli Young Band's music has all the hallmarks of youth: passion. energy. excitement. The band's story is the definition of commitment: years spent honing its sound while building up to their first national album launch. The band combined a range of elements-vocalist Mike Eli's ingratiating resonance. guitarist James Young's elastic bag of sounds. bass player Jon Jones' inventive foundation and drummer Chris Thompson's energetic propulsion-to create a 12-song CD that paints even the difficult turns in life with an underlying optimism. "That's been a theme through a lot of our music." Jones observes. "It might be raining today. but it might be sunny tomorrow. so it's worth sticking around for."

Gary Kyle was raised in Kingwood, TX, just outside of Houston. He grew up the youngest of six children in a very musically charged family. Gary's father, who passed when Gary had just turned a year old, was a country/bluegrass performer for years in honky tonks throughout Texas and Oklahoma. Gary's life took a dramatic change at the age of 13, when Gary's 19 year old vivacious, free-spirited brother, was diagnosed with Leukemia. He passed just months later. Gary never had a chance to say goodbye. Life took on as whole new meaning for Gary. It shook him into the realization that life is too short and too precious to be taken for granted. Gary then made a vow to follow his heart and cherish each moment to the fullest. This passion for life later became the basis of the title track of his debut CD, aptly entitled "Livin".

I cannot rest from travel: I will drink Life to the lees. -Alfred Tennyson. With 3 top ten singles. 3 tours in Iraq and Kuwait to play for the American Soldiers and 3 shows at the White House (including two performances for President Bush). Granger Smith will never say he didn't "live life to the lees." "Music is what I do." says Granger. "If I can help someone get lost in the moment of a song long enough to forget the worries of the world. or long enough to remember what's most important. then I've done my job."

Heather has always been involved in music in one way or another. Her dad. Charlie Reynolds. was a musician for the better part of his life. Her very first experience was as an infant sitting in a car seat on the stage while her father's band played in the Stockyards. Later on she sang in the church choir and at church camps. Through-out middle school and high school she was in the band where she learned to read and play music. After high school. music took a backseat to a family. Heather met her future husband Cisco and got married at age 18. They welcomed their first baby girl. Tynleigh. in December of 2004. followed by their second little girl. Natalie. in February 2007. Needless to say. life was busy for their blooming family.

Honeybrowne has made its mark on the Texas music scene and beyond by going song by song. gig by gig. album by album and Mile By Mile. as the title of the band's latest CD declares. Singer. songwriter and group leader Fred Andrews and his musical compadres come by their sound and success honestly. drawing from a rich palette of inspirations and then going out and road-testing the music they create to ensure that it makes a genuine connection with music-loving listeners. Combining good ole hard work with a vibrant love for the magic of music.

I could tell you where Birch, Texas, is but that would also require you to know where the other two towns are that surround it. Let's just say it's not easy to find, which is appropriate because talent like Haley Cole is not easy to find either.

Jason Ashley is constantly using his talents to give back. Working with different charities has been his focus for the last few years and through that effort he has seen his career take off. He was awarded a "Terry Award" in 2009 for songwriter of the year, for his self penned "Handle With Care" off of his debut CD "Coming Up Clean". For the last 4 years, he has been the lead singer of the house band at Cowboys Arlington/Red River, here in the DFW area. With that said, he has a new project about to be released. The motivation for his new project is best told in his own words.

A true Rock n' Roll cowgirl!! Janie is Texas' country sweetheart songstress! If you've ever been to her shows you know to expect the unexpected. She has been dubbed with the slogan "Country music with attitude" and she wears it well.

Mississippi native Jason Eady has come full circle on his third and latest album, When the Money's All Gone, delivering southern gospel stomps, New Orleans soul, and the heartbreaking tide of sin and redemption through his rich baritone voice and a raucous band. Produced by critically acclaimed songwriter, Kevin Welch, When the Money's All Gone comes as both a calming voice for the current times and as a timeless album of blue-eyed, southern soul music. The songs sound from the voice of a sage poet that's made it through the storm to see the other side, all the while knowing it's going to come again.

The best introduction to Jon Wolfe is the basic yet not so simple fact that he's a country singer and songwriter. Country music, as it was, is and always should be, with boots firmly standing on the bedrock of tradition and an eye focused on taking it into the future. And that, as any fan of true country knows, is no simple proposition.

Hayes Carll is an odd mix. Wildly literate, utterly slackerly, impossibly romantic, absolutely a slave to the music, the 35-year old Texan is completely committed to the truth and unafraid to skewer pomposity, hypocrisy and small-minded thinking.

Country Music traditionalist Josh Ward has a unique, almost untouchable voice that grabs your attention. Just a few songs into a set and you will see just why Josh turns heads everywhere he performs. Josh Ward's influences stretch back to some of the founding fathers of country music like Hank and Lefty, and to the outlaws like Waylon and Willie. Josh Ward's live show leaves no one disappointed, and everyone asking for more!

Pulling pain and heartbreaks from small town life. Jonathan Jeter is a song-writer from Greenville. TX. Fighting the good fight against the odds. Jonathan is cruising down the highways and back roads to venues all over the region making believers one person at a time. Having played in various bands over the years.

Texas has produced some of country music's biggest legends. and Jody Booth could well be the next member to join that near-cosmic lineup. With a gritty edge that defies convention and a lyrical vulnerability startling in its honesty. this intense guitar-playing singer/songwriter from the tiny town of Livingston. Texas is hovering on the borderline between regional acclaim and national fame and he's reaching out for the "big time." "I'd be happy enough to sing for free. just for the camaraderie with the band and the audience's energy." Jody says. "But to make a living and provide for my family. I've got to take a chance and believe that this new CD will take things further along."

Jamie Richards is not a man who fears the machine or cares what "they" think. With boldness. Jamie dares to go where most have drifted from: traditional. honest. downright real country music. With his third release. "Drive". Jamie has come to a crossroads where his raw talent meets his maturity as a songwriter. These two forces have met and created a masterpiece of real country music. After eight years of getting his musical education in Oklahoma honky-tonks. Jamie ventured out east to Music City. Jamie quickly learned that Music City doesn't always welcome "real country singers" with open arms.

Jarrod Birmingham's 2006 CD. "No Apologies" spawned a #1 single and earned the country music outlaw a top ten spot in the Best Of Texas Top 30 songs of the year. He has been compared to Waylon Jennings and Hank Williams. Jr. and producer Eric Paul described the country traditionalist as "the first real singer of the 21st century." Humbled by the accolades. Birmingham attributes his pure and gritty musical style to his true grit life style.

JB and the Moonshine Band are a group of four young East Texans whose love for music brought them together in a somewhat unorthodox way. In early 2009. front man JB Patterson gave up a successful advertising career to pursue his dream of being a songwriter. After realizing how difficult it is for a songwriter to break into the music scene. he realized what he had to do-start a band and sing the songs himself!

When Jason Cassidy was a kid, he wanted to be a rock star (who didn't?). But the electric guitar and lessons he got at 13 didn't take. Country music, however, did. Inspired by a buddy who could name every country tune as soon as it came on the radio, the competitive Cassidy started listening. "I totally fell in love with country music and learned every song I could," he recalls.

When Jack Ingram won the 2008 Academy of Country Music award for "Best New Male Vocalist." thousands of people in the audience had to be smiling to themselves about that whole "new" thing. They knew the thirty-something. steel-eyed veteran accepting that trophy on that stage in Vegas had been rocking roadhouses. theaters and stadiums relentlessly since 1997. that he'd been celebrated by critics and fans of hard-core country music for more than a decade. and that as a Texas-born songwriter and performer. he'd been on the short list of next generation artists who could fill the boots of Lone Star legends like Willie and Waylon and the boys. But the award did mean that Ingram. after trials and setbacks that would have buckled other artists. had at last matched the commercial success he'd always wanted with the integrity on which he'd always insisted. So he told the crowd with no small measure of pride and triumph that night that "big dreams and high hopes" can come true.

True to its title. The Twilight Zone represents a turning point of sorts for Jason Allen. It's his first studio album for Smith Music. the label. run by his friend Frank Jackson. that released 2006's Live at Gruene Hall. and he wrote all but two of the songs. "This record is a good reflection of who I am as an artist/songwriter." he says. "The others [2003's Something I Dreamed and 2005's Wouldn't It Be Nice] were too. but this one is digging a little deeper." Twilight Zone marks Allen's first time as co-producer; he and partner Tommy Detamore cut the album in three weeks at Detamore's Cherry Ridge Studio outside Flooresville. "down a long dirt road in the woods. just like I like it." Allen says. "Although we did have a squirrel try to get in on the record - I'm not sure if he made it or not."

Country music swashbucklers JASON BOLAND AND THE STRAGGLERS' hard-hitting new live set HIGH IN THE ROCKIES: A LIVE ALBUM is an unconstrained collection of appealingly inventive Red Dirt country. Crackling with the raw outlaw voltage that has made them one of the fastest-rising forces in contemporary country. the resolutely independent Texas-based quintet's execution and delivery is uniformly impressive. and with material divided between Stragglers standards and fan favorites. the album rises to a profound new elevation that is reflected in a most fitting choice of title. Whether reveling in the Okie kickback groove of "Tulsa Time" or re-defining the epic despair of Boland's classic "Bottle By My Bed." their sound. characterized by ebullient musicianship and passionate vocals. links country music's past to its future with admirable expertise.

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