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Bri Bagwell was born in Las Cruces. New Mexico to a musical family that has always supported her dreams of making it as a singer/songwriter. Throughout her teen years. she played with her two brothers in bands "On Tap" and "Let it Ride". performing in many southwest venues and even on the Las Vegas strip. After hitting Austin. TX to attend the University of Texas. she picked up guitar (after playing piano/keyboard for years). and has stepped into the music scene. She has opened for many of her influences. including Sean McConnell. Stoney Larue. Josh Grider. and more.

Exploding onto the Texas country ssene in 2012, Blacktop Outlaw is a Red Dirt Texas Country Band from the Denton, Tx area. A mix of classic country and southern rock make this group as diverse as their appearance.

Fifteen years. and thousands of live shows later. Morrow has emerged as one of the lone star state's best-loved artists. Revered along with college pal Pat Green as a preservationist of the unique Texas music "sound." which combines elements of country. bluegrass. swing and blues. Morrow inspires a fierce loyalty in his fans. As an independent artist. he moved 200.000 discs through his own WriteOn label.

Cooper Wade is quickly becoming a well known name in Texas and his popularity is growing exponentially! He has been drawing big crowds in the Houston area and with his much anticipated debut album coming out in a few months, he'll be traveling all over the Lone Star State!

The Clay Wilson Band. a highly energetic band who began their journey in 2006 at Texas State University becoming what you know it as today. The Clay Wilson Band. Since then. this up and coming band from San Marcos has went through many changes. struggles. all while still accomplishing their main objective is to have fun while playing music. The band has performed at many Texas venues with high energy. great music. while continuing to build a strong and dedicated fan base.

Charla Corn has been very busy since her debut into the Texas Music scene in 2008. She has become a staple on the touring circuit, delivered a highly acclaimed debut CD, become a cohost on the award winning morning show of Dallas-Ft. Worth's 95.9 The Ranch, been awarded Best Female Artist by the TRRMA and most recently gave birth to her first child. In addition, she also has recorded her highly anticipated sophomore release Stella.

Chancy Bernson Band@*!& In 2008. The Chancy Bernson Band played just over 40 shows... currently in the early part of 2009 they already have half of that number scheduled. That doesn't sound like that much. because it's not. That's not a lot when you look at the other touring acts around Texas. If it was up to the band. that number would be a lot higher. Still considered "newcomers" to the scene. The Chancy Bernson Band has accomplished a number of goals- releasing their debut c.d. in August of 2008 titled " I Did All This". playing shows with top talent acts and just cool guys such as Aaron Watson. Charlie Robison. Mike McClure. Stoney Larue. Micky and the Motorcars. Casey Berry. and Seth James just to name a few.

AUSTIN TEXAS* CHARLEY AUSTIN* CHARLEY AUSTIN NEW COUNTRY MUSIC TEXAS ARTIST... 20 year old Charley Austin Rising Country Star' Born in Austin TX. is a singer/songwriter and actor who now resides in San Antonio Texas. where he is enjoys the mix of colorful flavors" of the old & new Tex-Mex Culture and cuisine. He has been singing since he was two yrs. old & performing on stage since he was five yrs. old. He has performed at Stock Shows & Rodeos. Gala's. State & County Fairs. Colgate Country Showdowns. Festivals. Hotels. Conventions. Special Events. Benefits. Churches USO. Military Bases. as well as on famous stages such as Tootsies Orchid Lounge. The Nashville Palace. and BB Kings in Nashville. TN. Charley's music is inspirational for all ages. Since Charley is from the "Lone Star State of Texas" he is greatly inspired by legendary artists such as George Strait. Bob Wills. Bobby Flores. Hank William Sr. Marty Robins. Johnny Cash and other legends Rich Mccready. Clay Walker. Billy Ray Cyrus. Alan Jackson as well as other great artists such as Bobby Flores. from whom Charley takes guitar lessons at the Bulverde Academy of Music.

Let's just get it out of the way right up front: In the five years between his last and most successful album yet. Good Times. and his new Dualtone Records release. Beautiful Day. Charlie Robison got divorced from his wife Emily (of The Dixie Chicks). So it's only natural to assume that this is his "divorce album." which is not altogether untrue. But as with all devoted songwriters. Robison writes from a perspective that draws from and speaks to larger matters and issues within human experience and life in these times. And as the title indicates. even if this album is to a notable degree about and informed by the end of his marriage. there's something different and more at work here.

THE BASICS: Im a 21 year old singer/songwriter with an uncontrollable passion for music. I could listen to it, sing it, watch it, or write it all day long! Although Ive been a singer since I was 12 years old, I just recently stumbled into the live red dirt music scene. After recording a demo CD in 2008, I teamed up with the wonderful Gerrie McDowell (Gerrieco Texas Promotions) to release my first single Crazy to radio. Fresh onto the scene I kept my expectations lowI was absolutely shocked as I watched it rise to #20 on the Texas Music Chart! At that time I started playing acoustic shows around Texas, embarking on a quest for world domination (kidding).

Chuck Allen Floyd has lived many lives. Songwriter. guitarist. cowboy. college graduate. lawyer. frontman- each phase no less significant or influential than the last. His songs reflect the full gamut of each experience. creating an honest look at the life of a man who could've just as easily spent his days in a courtroom instead of on a stage. Chuck's path to the Texas Country music scene took him through Nashville. Amarillo. and Nashville (again). finally returning him home to Oklahoma where he and his band. The Liars Club. stand poised to take their place among the Country Music elite. Chuck's career as a songwriter in Clint Black's Blacktop Music Group allowed him to hone his skill of crafting songs that connect with a larger audience. His song 'Borrowed Wings' won first place in the 2009 Billboard World Song Contest. and he was recently honored as Billboard's 2010 winner for his song 'Wishing He Was You'- a back-to-back feat that has never been accomplished. He was also named 2009 Co-writer Of The Year by the New Hampshire Country Music Association for his collaboration with Tony Matrumalo on 'You Got Lucky.' Floyd and Matrumalo went on to win the North American Country Music Association's Co-Writers Of The Year Award for the same song. Chuck's songs continue to be recorded by country music artists around the world. Success as a professional songwriter is a mountaintop that few writers ever see.

Sean Franks & Chapter 11 were founded by Producer/Songwriter Dustin Hendricks, singer songwriter Sean Franks, and long time friends Brian Dodson and Max Oneal. With the contributions of Mark Lafon and Kyle Wade Smith from The Dirty Pesos, and Aubrey Lynn England, Chapter 11 is an idea that music can be bigger and rise above the "Labels", "Egos", the needs to get "Famous".

Curtis Grimes is a 23 year old singer/songwriter from Upshur County who is pursuing his dream in the Texas Country Music scene. Grimes was an academic scholar and athlete at Harmony High School where he was an All-State pitcher and member of the 2003 state qualifying baseball team. Following graduation he accepted academic and baseball scholarships to Centenary College in Shreveport. Louisiana.

Cody Canada was 16 years old when he made his way from Yukon to Stillwater. Oklahoma. He had been searching for some inspiration; a place to call home musically. What he found was a creative nirvana of musicians who were generating the music that would stay with him for the rest of his life. "It was like the greatest place on earth. " Cody recalls. "I met Tom Skinner. Scott Evans. Bob Childers. Jimmy LaFave. the Red Dirt Rangers and they were all playing this really. really good music. It was kind of in that same vibe as the Allman Brothers and The Band. But what came out of it was really diverse. There were more country acts like Jason Boland. The All American Rejects were the rock guys. Then you had the whole Red Dirt hippie thing-I didn't even know what Red Dirt was until somebody told me. I got turned on to it all and it's stayed with me ever since."

Cole Porter Band is a genre melting pot based out of Southwest Missouri with Ozark roots and a sound as distinct as their home. They're hard to pin down but they embrace the red dirt mind set and have made their own blend of country, southern rock, and red dirt just the way they like it. Their ability to fuse the sweet spots from these genres has attracted a fan base of welcomed diversity that is spreading throughout Missouri and making its way into

Born and raised in Conroe. TX. Clayton has always been a fan of Texas Country music. It wasn't until he moved to College Station to attend Texas A&M that he decided to pick up a guitar and take to the stage. His first performance came in 2008. and since then he has opened for Brandon Rhyder. Stoney Larue. Chris Knight and many others. As a newcomer to the music scene. Clayton has generated an appreciative fan-base and has written some catchy tunes that keep them coming back for more.

Cameran Nelson Home Cameran Nelson 0 Cameran Nelson Cameran and his band, Guardrail Damage Ahead, are touring extensively and his new album "Happy To Beer" released in June 2013. This album includes the tracks "Thrown", which reached #70 on the Texas Regional Radio Report, "Happy To Beer", which remained on the Texas charts for 26 weeks and reached #19 on the TexNet50 music chart, "Reckless In Texas" which made the Texas Charts just one week after its late August release and climbed into the top 40 at #31, and the latest single "35 Runs Both Ways" which debuted on the Texas Regional Radio Report with the Trifecta at #66 and made it to #15 in only 4 weeks. Look for the new album on iTunes and CDBaby . For a hard copy visit mytexasmusic.org.

Chris Wayne is not just another guy off the street that thought he should put a band together just for fun. He was born into a musical family. His grandfather was a recording artist in the 50's and his grandmother was a dear friend and songwriting partner of Willie Nelsons, so Chris came by his musical talents honestly. After many years of touring, playing as often as he could to anyone who would listen, Chris hit his stride, and hasn't slowed down since. The same can be said about Brian Walker, CWB's lead guitarist.

Cody Joe Hodges started playing music at an early age, but it wasn't until his senior year in high school that he became serious about his art. Impassioned by such country greats as George Strait, Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings, Cody Joe wrote his first song, "Daddy's Dream", his freshman year in the dorms at Texas A&M University.

"This record is about how the last record kicked my ass." No doubt about it, Chad Sullins is a man who speaks the God's honest truth about everything in his life, and when it comes to his songwriting he tends to leave the polished overtones and silver lining story-telling to the fairytale books. This is real life and his brand new record WICKED SPELL is a personal journal kept by a man who has resolved himself to a life that dispassionately takes back as much as it gives.

Cody Riley has just finished his latest EP "Dozen Dead Roses." Persistence has once again paid off for Riley as one of his long time musical influences, Wade Bowen, agreed to co-produce the project with Ross Smith (keys & guitar for Wade Bowen).

So far. in the advent of a very young career. Django Walker has a) co-written songs with Texas country music blockbuster Pat Green. b) played a show at Dallas' famed Cotton Bowl headlined by the Dixie Chicks. c) released his first solo album and began writing songs for a second album also to be released on his independent label. Lazy Kid Music. and d) extended a long and honorable Texas music legacy into a new era. "Texas On My Mind." one of the standout tracks of Django's 2002 debut release. Down The Road. introduced Texas music fans to a young singer-songwriter who is heir to a distinguished Lone Star musical tradition. but whose tastes and tempos evoke a kinship with a younger generation.

Drew Fish is a Texas country original. Living in Austin, the live music capitol of the universe, he didn't have to go far to realize his dream. Trained on the piano and guitar at a young age, Drew found his passion to write in high school. His audience has grown exponentially since his early performances at El Arroyo and Hill's Singer-Songwriter Night. If you don't get your fix at one of the many venues of the Drew Fish Band, you can catch him as a frequent guest on stage with his friend, recording artist, Curtis Grimes.

Darrell Goldman released his first full-length album titled The Bed I've Made in January, a heartfelt project he wrote and produced himself. Darrell's not just some starry-eyed kid hoping to make it in the music biz. Instead, he's a seasoned, serious performer with a passion for songwriting and touching people's lives with music, "that magical something" he says, "that has a way of bringing people together like nothing else in the world. That's what I love."

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