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Aaron Watson isn’t interested in what someone else thinks he should do. But instead of getting lonely as he sidesteps expectations, he’s gaining followers––hundreds of thousands of them. Delivered with a warm smile and fueled by a wild spirit, Watson’s rebellion echoes the land that helped make him.

Phil Hamilton’s music has been a staple in the Texas music scene for over 7 years and has made his mark with powerful songs and a captivating show to back it up. Hamilton signed his first deal with Winding Road Music and from the first record, Nothing To Lose yielded his first single landing in the top 15 on the Texas Music charts. This debut album also delivered the follow up hit “Nine Mile” shortly after.

"I bared it all on this record. I opened my heart. exposed my family's tragedies. and when it was done. I had nothing else to give." HEARTWORN TRAGEDY is Bart Crow's latest chapter in a story that bodes the finest quality of the human spirit; resilience. Slated for release on October 27. 2009 on Smith Entertainment Records. HEARTWORN TRAGEDY is a portrait of Bart Crow as he is now. after coming out the other side of a year that intended to knock him out in the first round. In the liner notes this record is dedicated to our soldiers and their families. an undaunted band of warriors with who Crow shares the fraternal blood. Yet. the inspiration that pervades this entire collection stems from his mother who bravely rushed the battle lines of her own personal war and ended up the last one standing after the smoke finally cleared. These 10 superlative tracks plod a course through a landscape of heartbreak. fear. anger. faith. forgiveness. love. and the miracle of surrender.

Edgy Country/Rock singer/songwriter.. I do what I do and I can't get enough :]

Anson puts on a one of a kind concert. With strong vocals wrapped in a smile to die for. You don't want to miss your chance to see him LIVE!

After years of building a solid band and sharpening her writing skills, Aubrey Lynn England, "The Texas Songbird," has recorded her first full album or original music, released in the Summer of 2011. The album is composed of songs written about the circle of life, regret, and love along the way. Backed by Yellow Rose- her band named in tribute to her Father, Aubrey Lynn has been performing on stages across Texas and Oklahoma to spread these songs that speak her mind. Now packin' her first release, you can be sure to hear England's wide vocal range everywhere you go.

She’s not exactly a rebel, but with her musical mashup of Waylon, Skynyrd, and Janis Joplin, you could be forgiven for thinking she is. In reality, Texas singer/songwriter Briana Adams is a sweet-natured Southern crooner that really just wants to share her music with the world.

The Singer-Songwriter Ali Dee was simply born to entertain. Her heart-felt love for folk and country music comes from the summers she spent as a teenager in the smokey mountains of North Carolina. listening to artists from Dolly Parton to the Dixie Chicks. Shortly after entering high school. Ali picked up a guitar and started playing and writing her own music on the window sill of her bedroom. Now. Ali Dee performs throughout Texas and has shared the stage with country music legends Randy Travis and Charley Pride as well as popular red dirt acts including No Justice. Bart Crow. Johnny Cooper. Sonny Burgess. Mark Mckinney. Granger Smith. Phil Hamilton and the Backroad Drifters. Cash Cooper. Jackson Taylor. Darren Kozelsky. and many more. Ali is currently recording her debut album and has already garnered support from red dirt radio stations around the Lonestar State and Oklahoma. Be sure you check out the calendar section to catch Ali and her guitar near you soon.

Abbi Walker is a fresh, edgy, country and southern rock artist with the talent and personality as big her home state. Raised in South Texas as a Preacher's kid, Abbi was heavily influenced by gospel music, Southern culture, and Texas grit. An independent artist and songwriter, Abbi is confident, funny, and as sassy as they come. Taught to sing by her grandmother on an old upright piano at the age of just 3, Abbi fell in love with the art of music and songwriting immediately.

Kent & Kyle started playing together in the Spring of 2010 in an apartment in North Dallas. By the spring of 2011 they had added an outstanding fiddle/piano player in Shannon Ward, as well the extremely talented Bryan Meggison on bass. Kent & Kyle recorded a full length CD with 10 of their original songs. Slowly but surely they've begun to fill up their calender with shows around the DFW area.

Ben Massey- Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocals I was raised on a farm out in the country close to Dora NM, about 5 miles from the state line. I started playing guitar and writing songs when I was 15. It's been my passion ever since and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for the Bentley Massey Band. I also like to fish, hunt and play baseball. Even though I enjoy basketball, I knew I wasn't destined for the NBA. The first game I ever played was in 7th grade. I was so excited about going in! I scored within the first 30 seconds that I was in the game . . . Ahem, on the wrong end of the court. . .so the 2 points went to the other team. After that I was never really able to get the coach to put me back in.

Lubbock-based Brandon Adams - with his deep musical roots as well as a spectrum of inspirations - stands out within the current Texas young country boom. The self-titled debut album on the Melodic Undertone label by Adams and his band, The Sad Bastards, is slated for Jan. 18, 2011. It brims with the crackle of promise and Adams' distinctive take on country music that draws from the genre's legacy and more to create something vital for today.

William (Bill) Archer Sr. has been an American country singer since 2005, Born in Texas City, TX. October 13th, 1969. Bill Archer released his first EP Cancun in 2009, he released his second radio single Intoxivacation in 2011, which debuted on the Reverb Nation Top 50 Hot Country Chart in Sep. 2011 .

At a time where many young adults his age are graduating from college. and forgoing out into the world. eager to make an impression. Bobby Duncan has been through a graduation of his own. The release of a sophomore record. A newcomer to many. Duncan has been plowing the roads of Texas since 2005 when he released his first record. "Lonesome Town". A record Duncan calls one of the. "Proudest moments of my life". became the foundation to build upon and become better.

Barefoot Dixie is a breath of fresh air on an over saturated horizon of commercialized music....Hailing from Texas, and staying within the veins of Texas/Red Dirt, and Southern Rock...Barefoot Dixie gives it that little unexpected punch...A new sound, refreshingly original.

If you were to think of the most glorious sound that could ever be produced-As if Heaven itself were to part the clouds for the briefest of moments and all the Angels gathered to sing their most Angelic song. and it was so beautiful that it could only be heard for a single whisper of a moment or the gloriousness of the sound would overwhelm everyone on Earth-yep. that's the Brandon McDermott Band in a nutshell. From Galveston to Houston to College Station and all the way up to Amarillo. the Brandon McDermott Band has been bringing their exciting brand of Texas country music to stages across the Lone Star State. The Brandon McDermott Band started in College Station. TX when McDermott. a member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2001. began writing songs and playing at open mics around town.

Breelan Angel is celebrating Texas style! And, rightfully so! Learning that her single "Pocket Change" (co-written with Bri Bagwell) is a Top 20 single (Texas Regional Radio Report) her spirit soared higher when word came that she was the first female Texas country artist to receive the Bud Light Texas Country Music Sponsorship!

Andie Kay Joyner and Heather Stalling had to experience life before they felt ready to write about it. When they met in the early 1990's, both were already accomplished musician/vocalists. Stalling was an award winning fiddler, coming off a two-year run as a support player in Branson, MO. Joyner was still a teenager, but had sung in front of thousands of people at countless performances. Each had grown up in musical families that exposed them to bluegrass, folk, and traditional country music.

With a raw. rough. and edgy sound Bleu Edmondson is a mainstay on the Texas country music scene. Coming from Richardson. Texas and a proud graduate and 3 sport athlete (football. basketball. and baseball) of Lake Highlands High School and a traveling college student. music has always been a passion for Bleu. "When I told my folks that I was quitting school and starting a band. my family was very supportive and still is. I am thankful of that. My family is very important to me. When I am in the Dallas area I make it a point to go home and see them." Music isn't the only thing that Bleu loves; the Texas Rangers are his second love. "My fondest Texas Rangers moment is the Nolan Ryan/Robin Ventura fight. That was awesome. I am a huge Nolan fan as well. It is hard to follow the team living in New Braunfalls. TX but I keep up with them the best I can."

Red Dirt Music gets it's name from the blood red soil and surrounding landscape of Stillwater. Oklahoma. the place many hail as the "Mecca" Of Red Dirt Music. While locating the music's epicenter is easy. defining it's sound is a little more difficult. "I've always thought Red Dirt was less about a sound. and more about a brotherhood of musicians with a common goal; not only to make music. but music with a message. Bob Childers. Jimmy LaFave. Tom Skinner. The Great Divide and so many others have helped to shape and form this rapidly growing genre. bringing in the convictions of Woody Guthrie. and the swank and swagger of the Outlaw Country and Southern Rock movements". Jenkins new album "Brothers Of The Dirt" definitely carries on it that tradition with a wide variety of style and influence. bringing in Artists at the forefront of the new charge -Stoney LaRue. Jason Boland. Cody Canada. Mike McClure. and mixing them in with some of the other guys that helped to influence the Genre -Steve Pryor. Ron Morgan. Pat Savage. Brad Absher just to name just a few.

Brandon Rhyder Home Brandon Rhyder Brandon Rhyder Pat Green on Brandon Rhyder.. "Hard To tell between Brandon Rhyder and Wade Bowen as to who is the best coming up with a melody. This is my opinion. but Brandon is one of the best in the business." Justin Frazell. txrdr.com and mornings on KFWR 95.9 the Ranch says. "Brandon Rhyder. beyond his endless skills as a songwriter. singer. and entertainer. is just flat out good people! Brandon has always been more than willing to reach out and help when I have asked. Whether it be for the late Sunday evening radio show or Pickin' for Preemies. he so kindly donates his time and has never said no in the years I have known him. Brandon and I are more than business associates. we are friends. I am blessed to call him my friend and this world is extremely fortunate to have his music" "Brandon Rhyder is an exceptional musician and a is genuinely friendly person. I first got to know Brandon a couple of years ago when I lived in Corpus Christi. Texas. I had an interview set up with Wade Bowen and he decided to bring a songwriting buddy and it was Brandon. We hit it off immediately. and our friendship has grown over the years. I did the interview with the two of them. and Brandon played a song acoustic for me that would eventually make him a huge name on the Texas music scene. Freeze Frame Time. There are a lot of people on this scene that have distinctive voices. but none with the natural vibrato that he has. a voice just makes you stop and listen."

Brett Crenshaw grew up hearing stories about his grandfather playing fiddle with Bob Wills back in the days when Texas Music. and the foundation of modern-day Country Music was in its infancy. Brett went to Texas A & M University with eager aspirations of becoming a Veterinarian. but fate (and perhaps the history in his blood) had something else in mind: music. Brett and the guys are pounding the pavement with full force to promote their debut record "Another Late Night".

On any given Saturday night. Texas singer-songwriter Bruce Robison is on his way to headline at one of the Texas Hill Country's legendary dancehalls-the Broken Spoke. say. or Gruene Hall or Floore's Country Store-when one of his songs comes on the radio. Maybe it's Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's hit version of "Angry All the Time." or George Strait's cover of "Wrapped" or even the Dixie Chicks' No. 1 hit. "Travelin' Soldier." For Bruce Robison. life looks pretty good. As a songwriter. Robison. very deliberately. sets his scene. poses his characters and sets the machinery in motion. Then. he stands back and gives them room to breathe. It's an approach that is a luxury in this day of blunt-object sentimentality and sledgehammer nuance that passes for most commercial country music.

"It's a theme that keeps popping up naturally," Brian Keane explains referring to his new album titled Coming Home. "It's an emotion I've felt each week as I really learned what the road is like the last year and a half." It's a theme that finds its way into almost every song on his new album, set to release in January 2014. For an artist and songwriter who falls into both the Americana and Red Dirt genres, Keane has been extremely busy touring 150 days a year and promoting his most recent single off the upcoming record, "Easy to Say Goodbye", which was recently featured on Lifetime's Army Wives. This constant state of travel allows him to continuously experience the emotions of coming home to Nashville, and to his wife and new baby girl.

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